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Sale of companies: Companies with license

Acquisition finished company with the license provides an opportunity to start a business in the licensed area of activity (either self-field) since the acquisition organization, the thus frees the buyer from having to go through bureaucratic red tape in the registration of legal entities (organizations, firms) and then license , which is also complex and time-consuming process. Since acquiring the finished firms with the or evidence of a new owner may carry out activities, because the company already has all the necessary permits, as well as other attributes needed to get started.

If you have not approached any one of the options the company with the license, please contact our professional staff. They will pick up the company with the license in accordance with your requirements.

Category Information Registration Date Region License value of the enterprise, у.е.
80Company with a license Sale Ltd: Sale company with licenses in both color and black metall in Kiev 28.11.2012 Kiev license for non-ferrous scrap, a license n both color and black metall 13 500,00 U.S. dollars
84Company with a license sold the company to license for security activity in the city of Zaporozhye, Ordzhonikidze district 23.04.2008 Zaporozhye, Ordzhonikidze district ліцензія на охоронну діяльність 800,00 U.S. dollars
87Company with a license sold the company to license for construction activities in the city of Zaporozhye 20.08.2013 Zaporozhye license for construction activities 1 500,00 U.S. dollars
90Company with a license sold the company with license for building activity in the city of Dnepropetrovsk 24.08.2013 Dnepropetrovsk license for building activity 2 800,00 U.S. dollars
110Company with a license sold the company in the city of Boryspil, Kiev region 15.06.2011 Boryspil, Kiev region 3 800,00 U.S. dollars
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