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About Us

In accordance with Ukrainian legislation, some activities are subject to mandatory licensing , or for their implementation must get appropriate resolution . Keeping business , subject to mandatory licensing or obtaining a permit, without a corresponding license or permission - is prohibited.

Our law firm pomozhemem you in obtaining the necessary license or permission, accompanying and supervising the whole procedure until the issue on your hands form license.

REGISTRATION ENTERPRISES , Liquidation of companies and other organizations

Our company provides all possible services in the creation, reorganization, sale and liquidation business. We create for you a company of any organizational form, and any type of activity.

When registering a business, we minimize the possible future costs of the enterprise for further liabilities to the state. budget, resulting in appropriate activities with the rates of the corresponding taxes and fees.


We can always offer you some interesting options buy ready-made companies licenses
-on construction and design
-Transportation services
, To collect scrap metal ferrous and ferrous
-On security activity
-The shipping

legal service

User's legal service - is a complex system professional legal support for your work on legal issues arising in the course of business, assistance in resolving disputes with law enforcement and regulatory authorities, representation in court.

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