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Obtaining a license

License (or more accurately a license) is a form of legal regulation of activity of those areas in which the unscrupulous and not qualified for an action may cause damage to the health and rights of citizens, as well as state and public interests.

First of all, licensing - registration license or activities that are associated with the preparation and / or re-issuance of documents confirming the existence of the license and, accordingly, the license renewal and suspension of licenses, monitoring compliance by licensees and the cancellation of the license conditions and appropriate requirements.

Licensing is the main type of state control in the field of entrepreneurship. The document that governs the licensing process, called the Law About litsenzuvannya Pevnyi vidіv gospodarskoї dіyalnostі , which provided activities that require a license. In addition to the species specified in the Act, subject to licensing and the types that are processed in accordance with other laws, such as customs, insurance activities, etc.

The following types of activities to design a license and obtaining a license:

  • Construction License (for construction)
  • Permission to open a retail outlet
  • Collection and storage of recyclable materials (certain types of wastes)
  • License for manufacturing, processing and sale of scrap black  and non-ferrous metals

We are ready to advise you on any subject list of requirements and documents needed for registration of license and obtain a license.

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